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Adjustable Measuring Cup and Spoon Set


Measurements for Solid/Powder/Liquid

Package Includes: The package contains large and small spoons. The measuring spoon is marked with scales for different measurement types. The measuring range is 5ml-130ml, 0.25oz-4oz, 1/2 tsp-9 tbsp, 1/8 cup-1/2 cup.

High Quality: Made of high-quality food-grade materials, PDA-approved, our heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant product are safe to use, measures both liquid and dry ingredients – durable plastic composition.

Multi-Measurement: This measuring spoons set combines tsp/tbsp, ML, Ounce, Cup into one and can meet all your needs in the kitchen. A wonderful combination of cooking & baking.

Smart Design: The small one is detachable, you can disassemble it for easy cleaning. The large one is not detachable, but you can also easily clean it with water or wipe it with a sponge, cloth, or brush, there is a strong magnet in its bottom for you to put on any metal surface. And there is a hanging hole on its rear for you to hang it on any hook, saving your kitchen space.

3 in 1: By gently sliding the regulator, you can combine all teaspoons and tablespoons into a convenient tool. You don’t need to buy measuring spoons of different sizes.

Shipping Outside Metro Manila

For orders outside Metro Manila, please contact us first for shipping rate or you can check our Lazada store: Chef Sheilla Kitchwares


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